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意大利“Opera”永久公共艺术装置设计 | Edoardo Tresoldi

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Edoardo Tresoldi于9月12日在雷焦卡拉布里亚的海边展示了他最新设计的永久公共艺术装置“Opera”。该装置由当地政府和Metropolitan City共同委托设计。在周末举办的开幕式呈现了一系列音乐、表演及诗歌活动。意大利音乐家和作曲家Teho Teardo特别创作了声音装置作品,通过描绘清晨、日落和夜晚的不同场景,使“Opera”得以与场地形成融合的关系。此外还有意大利诗人及作家Franco Arminio策划的诗歌活动,以及著名作曲家Brunori Sas带来的秘密音乐会。

On September 12th Edoardo Tresoldi has presented Opera, his new public art permanent installation on Reggio Calabria’s seafront, promoted and commissioned by the local Municipality and the Metropolitan City. During the opening weekend a series of free music, performance and poetry events was held. The sound installation by Italian musician and composer Teho Teardo narrated the fusion between Opera and the site through a sound design articulated through the different moments of the day: morning, sunset and night. In addition, poetry events curated by Italian poet and writer Franco Arminio and a secret concert by the well-known Italian songwriter Brunori Sas.


“Opera”装置旨在通过古典的建筑语言和““不在场物质”(Absent Matter)所具有的透明属性来强调场地与人类之间引人深思的关系。开放的金属线网结构呈现为一个高达8米、由46根立柱组成的柱廊,在2500平方米的公园中形成一座可以自由进入和穿越的纪念碑。公园本身是欧洲面积最大的公共空间之一,Opera作为与之相融的一个部分,有望成为该地区的一处全新地标。

Opera was created to celebrate the contemplative relationship between place and human beings through the language of classical architecture and the transparency of the Absent Matter. The open wire-mesh structure – consisting of a colonnade of 46 pillars peaking at 8 meters within a 2,500-square meter park – will offer a new monument fully crossable and accessible to locals and visitors alike. The installation will be part of one of the largest European public spaces and aims to become a new landmark in the region.

引发沉思的纪念碑  A monument to contemplation 


Opera is a monument to contemplation through which the place further defines itself. Tresoldi plays with the grammar of classical architecture – as well as with the transparency of the wire mesh – to research new visual poetics in dialogue with the surroundings and the viewer. The pillars, Western cultural heritage’s founding archetypes, compose a courtly frame allowing for a further interpretation of the park.


The installation generates a mental agora that leads visitors into an ever-changing perceptive dimension thanks to the park’s varying heights and depths. Opera opens up relationships in several directions within an already materially open space: the perspective corridors run towards the landscape while the transparent pillars define an open structure that accommodates, accompanies and defines the spatial experience and establish a direct relationship between earth and sky.

立柱与树木的游戏创造出光与影的关系,一种轻盈且富有韵律的平衡性唤起了透明度与周围环境之间的有机连接。装置的轮廓变得模糊,并逐渐与环境相融,就像Arturo Martini所描述的那样,雕塑无法阻止它身上的阴影,正如声音也赶不走它的回音。

The play between pillars and trees creates a relationship of light and shadows, an airy yet rhythmic balance evoking an organic connection between the transparency and the surrounding space. The artwork’s contours lose definition and blend with the surroundings: it is, quoting Arturo Martini, the impossibility for the sculpture to “stop the shadow that remains nonetheless, like the echo for the sound”.


Opera is also the physical outcome of Tresoldi’s reflections on architectural composition and decomposition. The dialogue between the installation and its location can be seen through the colonnade’s distribution, which intentionally does not match the park’s. Similar to a musical counter-melody, their overlapping suggests two different melodies played at the same time. Walking through the park, the visitor encounters harmonies and contrasts between the two architectural systems.


As a public installation, Opera makes the awareness of the relationship between reality and representation explicit, and it does so by entrusting the transparency of the Absent Matter with the primary role of space-time suspension. The installation integrates relationships between visible and invisible, individual and community, delving into the stratification of ancestral horizons and daily practices, on the edge of a physical and mental terrain and suspended between art, architecture and landscape.

Opera是Tresoldi继卡拉布里亚继“II Collezionista di Venti”之后在卡拉布利亚完成的第二个装置作品,也是继2016年意大利文化部委托建造的“网格教堂装置”之后的第二个永久公共艺术作品。

Opera is Tresoldi’s second installation in Calabria after Il Collezionista di Venti in 2013, and the second major permanent public artwork in Italy after the Basilica of Siponto in Apulia, commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Culture in 2016.


Permanent installation

Falcomatà seafront, in the park of via Giunchi Reggio Calabria, Italy

Opening 12 / 13 September 2020