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蒙特利尔Clarke 屋顶露台 | MYTO d.e.v.

经典案例 2021-03-09
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    蒙特利尔Clarke 屋顶露台
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MYTO d.e.v.发布了新的景观设计项目,荣获2020届Grands Prix du Design设计大赛的住宅露台和景观类别奖项。Martine Brisson和Roxanne Miller用了一年多的时间在Westmount区的一栋住宅天台创造了带有定制花坛的绿色屋顶。这片1965平方英尺(约183㎡)的广阔空间用于休闲活动,拥有壮观的景色,并与周围景观完美融合。

MYTO design d’espaces vivants is proud to announce a new landscape design, which won an award at the Grands Prix du Design 2020 in the Residential Patio and Landscaping category. Designer Martine Brisson and landscape architect Roxanne Miller worked for more than a year to create a green rooftop with custom planters atop a home in Westmount. The sprawling 1965 square foot space is dedicated to relaxation. It boasts a spectacular view and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape.


▲项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project © Pierre Béland

业主在2016年翻新房屋后,想要充分利用屋顶平台,将其用作露台。因此联系了擅长绿色屋顶设计的MYTO d.e.v.事务所。设计任务是创造注重健康的空间,使这里适合娱乐并且可以呈现城市和周围地区的绝妙景色。

After renovating the house in 2016, the owner of the luxury property wanted to make the most of the flat roof by turning it into a deck. He engaged MYTO design d’espaces vivants, whose specialties include green rooftops. The mandate was to create a space focused on wellness. It was to be suitable for entertaining and would showcase a breathtaking view of the city and surrounding areas.


▲绿色屋顶,green roof © Pierre Béland


▲近景,closer view © Pierre Béland


True to their brand, the two women decided to create a contemporary, visually striking, and streamlined outdoor space bordered with colorful, somewhat unruly vegetation. The decking is made of ipe wood, a species known for its toughness, high density, and beautiful color. To ensure safe enjoyment of the view and vegetation, a transparent glass parapet encloses the entire perimeter.


▲露台地面采用重蚁木,玻璃护墙围合周边区域,decking is made of ipe wood, glass parapet enclosing the entire perimeter © Pierre Béland

▲露台边缘鲜艳的花草,colorful and unruly vegetation on the edge of the terrace © Pierre Béland

设计面临的挑战之一是制造可以隐藏通风设备的精简家具。Brisson和Miller设计了一系列木花坛来隐藏这些设备。设计师指出:“为了满足项目要求,我们对花坛进行了彻底的设计。在冬天,需要移除这些木构件,以防膨胀受损。”设计一完成,Atelier Papineau工作室便开始负责制作花坛。Miller选择在花坛和露台花圃种植多年生和当地植物,减少后期维护和需要重新种植的可能性。花坛为越冬做了保温处理。Miller还注重营造和谐的色调,将粉色、蓝色和紫色的花搭配在一起,并且选择花期长短不一的植物,使露台在整个温暖的季节都拥有美丽的花朵。

One of the project’s challenges was to create elegant furnishings that would conceal ventilation equipment on the roof. Brisson and Miller designed a set of wood-clad planters to conceal the equipment. “We designed these planters from the ground up to meet this project’s requirements. The wooden elements are removed in winter to prevent swelling,” the designer notes. Once the design was complete, Atelier Papineau took charge of building the planters. In the planters and on the green terrace, Miller opted for perennials and indigenous species, to minimize maintenance and replanting. The planters are insulated for overwintering. The horticulturist also took care to work with a harmonious color palette (pink, blue, violet) and chose plants with different flowering times (brief and long) so that there would be elegant flowers throughout the warm season.


▲定制花坛,custom planter © Pierre Béland


▲花坛被改造成座椅,the planter is converted into seats © Pierre Béland

Brisson和Miller希望为植物提供巧妙的照明,因此选择Jardin d’ombre et lumière品牌的极简主义灯具。在夜晚,整个空间具有温馨而轻松的氛围。

Brisson and Miller also wanted subtle lighting for the plants, choosing minimalist fixtures from Jardin d’ombre et lumière. In the evening, the space has a warm, intimate, and thoroughly relaxing ambiance.


▲夜景,night view © Pierre Béland


After more than a year of work, the result is a rooftop terrace that blends with the surrounding canopy. Shaded by large trees at almost every time of day, the space is surrounded by colorful wildflowers that frame a gorgeous view of downtown Montreal.

▲细部,details © Pierre Béland