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以色列宾亚米纳体育公园景观设计 | BO Landscape Architecture

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    Amit Haas

项目坐落于以色列海滨沿岸的平原城市——宾亚米纳(Binyamina),是一个集运动休闲与景观步道于一体的开放式公共空间。宾亚米纳体育公园由是BO Landscape Architecture设计规划,是当地慢行系统与自行车道网络规划中的一部分。

Sport-Promenade Binyamina is an open public space that constitutes part of the network of current and planned bike paths in Binyamina, on the Israeli Coastal Plain.


▲项目概览,overall of the project © Amit Haas


The area is designed as a city square, allowing for activity for many ages. This public space provides room for neighborhood residents, children, pedestrians, bikers and skaters to meet. The project was established at the front of a new commercial center nestled between residential neighborhoods. The Sport-Promenade is located on an extensive promenade that connects the coast highway to the town. Public spaces fulfill an important social, community and neighborhood function. In addition to providing a shopping center that facilitates a traditional merger of commerce, socialization and recreation (a combination that does not exist in most shopping centers), it also offers room for sports, reflecting contemporary design.


▲分析图,diagram © BO Landscape Architecture


The promenade allows visitors to participate in a variety of sporting activity free of charge in an open and shaded environment: an extreme asphalt path winds around six hills, providing room for a humoristic three-dimensional space. Near the playground and fitness facility are two linear spaces: one for walking and traveling and the other, an extreme path for skating and riding along the hills. Although the areas of activities are placed side by side, each activity has its own defined and unique area.


▲一条蜿蜒的柏油路环绕着六座小山丘,an extreme asphalt path winds around six hills © Amit Haas


▲起伏的小路十分适合骑行与滑板运动, extreme path for skating and riding along the hills © Amit Haas


▲富有动感与童趣的立体运动空间,humoristic three-dimensional space © Amit Haas


Alongside the path is an area that contains fitness equipment: horizontal bars, parallel bars, pole, ladder, etc. Wide benches are scattered in paved areas, allowing visitors to sit and meet as well as providing an option to participate in other sporting activity.


▲砖制铺地的活动区,paved areas contains fitness equipment © Amit Haas


▲活动区细部,detail of the paved areas © Amit Haas


Special emphasis was placed on the connection to the regional vista and local language. The old olive trees were preserved and optimally incorporated in the planning. Inclines are covered in flora planted in orthogonal lines reflecting the local orchards and vineyards.


▲老橄榄被巧妙地纳入全新的景观规划中,old olive trees were preserved and optimally incorporated in the planning © Amit Haas



Inclines are covered in flora planted in orthogonal lines reflecting the local orchards and vineyards © Amit Haas


Strong emphasis was placed on reducing the amount of gardening areas and on providing optimal shading for the space to create a pleasant, comfortable micro-climate throughout the year. Large, deciduous trees were planted to provide significant shade in the summer and maximum light in the winter. The lawn areas were limited to hills, offering room for informal seating and meetings.


▲落叶乔木为人们遮蔽阴凉,deciduous trees were planted to provide significant shade in the summer  © Amit Haas

▲乔木与石凳细部,details of the trees and bench © Amit Haas


This planning creates a significant community environment that encourages meeting as well as an array of sporting activity. Sport-Promenade Binyamina is a focal point for local residents in general. The promenade serves as another important anchor in the walking and bike path network in Binyamina, which serves as an active and vibrant gateway to the town.


▲总平面图,master plan © BO Landscape Architecture


▲剖面图,section © BO Landscape Architecture


▲节点大样,detail drawing © BO Landscape Architecture

Location:19a Hacarmel St, Qiryat Tivon , Israel

Design:Orna Ben zioni & Beeri ben shalom

Area:2.5 Dunam

Client:Binyamina- Givat Ada Municipality. / Eng. David Brajbord

 Photographer:Amit Haas