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广东华侨城•城市展厅景观设计 | GND杰地景观

GND杰地景观 2021-05-07
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    广东 中山
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The OCT • Urban Exhibition Hall project is located in Shiqi District, Zhongshan City. It is adjacent to Shiqi Economic Headquarters and adjoins Northern Zhongshan Station in the east, with convenient traffic and abundant natural and ecological resources around. It aims to create a miraculous riverside scene of “Bund in Xiangshan” based on the ecology of two river banks”.It is the trace of architecture, the exhibition hall of pine twigs, the lining cloth for tree shade, and the container of light and shadows.


华侨城•城市展厅是华侨城集团进军中山的首个全新大型文旅综合体项目,总占地面积近30万平方米,其中,S3地块以华侨城集团住宅产品最高规格 “堡”系礼献中山人居。


OCT • Urban Exhibition Hall is the first brand-new large cultural and tourist complex project carried out by OCT Group after its settlement in Zhongshan City. The project covers an area of nearly 300,000 m2. The S3 section is designated for constructing the high-end Castle series residential buildings as a gift from OCT Group to Zhongshan people.

GND leads the landscape design for OCT • Urban Exhibition Hall projedct. Not only has it incorporated the regional temperament into space, but more importantly, it has extracted the noble and elegant spirit from it. With the simplest design approaches and the gallery-style design concept, it aims to create a space for displaying residential products which are worthy of being collected for the artistic life gallery. 



Design Strategies 

几何 • 化繁为简—

Geometry • Change Complexity into Simplicity 





Create a sightseeing route by utilizing surrounding resources to set a prelude for the exhibition.

Avoidance: Green plant barriers are created, in considerations of the territory’s characteristics, to mitigate the impact of adjacent traffic and railways.

Utilization: The project can be promoted at the traffic juncture. A spiritual fortress is set at the traffic juncture to maximize the display area. 

Renovation: The floor paving, fences, and shade trees are improved to beautify the municipal road landscape.




The design concept of an open urban exhibition hall is closely related to Shiqi District of Zhongshan City. The features of numerous mountains and divergent streams are extracted and incorporated the concepts of water and stones unique to Shiqi culture.

The landscape design carried forward the overall design concept, combining nature’s tone and architecture. The scenery of Shiqi is retranslated and blended into architecture, turning the green island into a stepped structure. Meanwhile, water is brought in and flows between trees. Eventually, ten images of Mountainous Stone and Forest Island are created, including flowing light, a forest, pines, a floating bridge, flying rocks, clouds amid the peak, courtyard views, and a bamboo-filled courtyard, to bring an immersive sensual experience.



Design Presentation

界址 • 克制之美—

Site • Beauty of Restraints—


In the parking and drop-off zone, the smooth-lined spiritual fortress becomes the beginning for introducing the urban exhibition hall. Accentuated by the appropriate lighting, the composition and slight changes of the form, as well as the materials’ special texture, jointly create the beauty of simplicity and restraints.



Before entering the plaza and exhibition hall, you will see a long and narrow forest path, where highlights are hidden and revealed later. The well-spaced arbors and exquisite ground cover create a poetic and scenic landscape streamline and a tranquil atmosphere.

△进入广场后,豁然开朗之感油然而生 After entering the plaza, one’s mind suddenly broadens and brightens up.

前场 • 自然与建筑的对话前场对自然进行最大化的再现与模拟,以艺术语境勾画了一片镜面水池,贯穿于场地四周及内部,仿佛游走在一个流动的世界,并与建筑形态呈现出以柔克刚,融和共生的画面。镜池内,设计师将点点灯光串联成星空图,夜幕降临,仿佛一瞬坠入银河。

Front Court • Dialogues Between Nature and Architecture 

The frontcourt maximizes the representation and simulation of nature. A mirror-like pond is portrayed in the artistic context and placed on the site. Walking in it, you may feel like strolling in a flowing world. Appearing in the architectural form, it reflects the scene of conquering the unyielding with the yielding and harmonious coexistence. In the mirror-like pond, designers connect all lights into a painting of the starry sky. When darkness falls, it seems as if one has entered the Milky Way.



The irregular-shaped ceiling-to-floor glass design and the artistic installation by the riverside add a sense of layers and liveliness for walls and water views, making the space more expressive.


The shadows of floating clouds are reflected in the pond. Besides, green trees and hills also enter the image like a wind, watching restless hustle and bustle pass away unconsciously.


△镜池上矗立的三棵松赋予了建筑宛若美术馆的仪式感 Three pine trees standing on the mirror lake add a sense of ceremony to the architecture, as if it is an art gallery.

光影 • 隐喻的礼物 

Light-Shadow•A Gift From Metaphors 


The inner court endows the site with a causal and relaxed temperament. Arbors, including Banyan, coral bean trees, and Chinese tallow trees, stand together to create a forest path. Walking on it, you will return to nature. Trailing along the stream, one can come home with a homey feel.



Walking into the courtyard, you can find sunshine pouring down through the porch’s roof, casting a variegated, dreamy shadow on the ground. In the near distance flows bubbling water, pushing one’s exploration spirit to the climax from an audial and visual perspective.

△向上延伸的树枝,展示着生命的力与美 Twigs stretch into the sky, displaying the force and beauty of life

竹韵 • 成林处处云 

Charm of Bamboos • Clouds in the Forest


GND emphasizes the concept of integration. The artistic rockery, holy water path, and orderly arranged linear plants jointly create the image of an urban view, water view, light, and shadows to extend the space and remove boundaries. In the water surface rippled by the breeze reflects, the vigorous bamboo joints and leaves reflect another sense of beauty in the defined space.



An irregular ceiling-to-floor view is arranged at the dining hall, which visually breaks the limitations of the space. The variegated bamboo shadows are incorporated, creating an open yet refined site for living and social interactions. Sitting there quietly, you can get an unblocked view, appreciate charming scenery, and even hear the rustling of bamboo leaves in the breeze.


In the process of creating the OCT • Urban Exhibition Hall, GND imaginatively abstracted features of local water, land, and cultures and combined them with the architecture and site. From the trivial sign to creating a light and shadow mirror lake and thinking about materials and plant selection, every procedure had been designed multiple times before eventually been selected, only to present an artistic and aesthetical space with pureness and high quality. 


△鸟瞰图Aerial View





项目地点:广东 中山









策划/视效:iDEER LAB


Project Name: OCT • Urban Exhibition Hall

Owner: Zhongshan OCT Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Landscape design: GND Jiedi Landscape Design 

Design content: full-period landscape design of the exhibition area

Project location: Zhongshan, Guangdong

Project area: 6800 square meters

Design time: August 2020

Completion time: December 2020

Design period: 4 weeks

Chief designer: Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng

Concept design: Luo Feng, Zhang Aizhu, Pan Xiao, Liu Yun, Wang Qitao, Gong Haoze, Ye Xuerui, Zuo Chaohui, Yan Xingxing, Yuan Dongyang, Zhang Huiyi 

Construction design: Liu Jinsha, Wang Quanxiang, Lin Guanxi, Zhang Jie, Li Bo, Xiong Jiwei, Hu Zhenhong

Plant Design: Luo Chuyi

Hydroelectric design: Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao

Planning/Visual Effects: iDEER LAB

Project Photography: Boqisi Photography