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成都港龙美的·未来映景观设计 | 澳博景观

AOBO 2023-12-13
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Modern urban life is turbulent and complex. Long term noise and rapid changes make people restless and confused. People are increasingly turning towards nature seeking the essence and true self of life in nature.




The project is located in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, adjacent to Shuangliu International Airport. The surrounding main roads have convenient transportation, and there are rivers such as Jinma River and Jiang'an River flowing through the area. The park is rich in vegetation, which can be said to have both location value and ecological value.



1. 多重艺术体验空间营造;2. 合理的景观动静环线布局;3. 全龄段社交生活休闲场景演绎;4. 宅间情境雨水花园打造;5. 全面参与的配套乐活公园创建;6. 细节功能诉求与心理需求满足。

This case is based on design elements such as water sleeves in traditional Sichuan opera, combined with the expression of light and shadow in Shuangliu modern technology, to create a journey storyline for finding an ideal home for future living experiences. While advocating the concept of ecological shared functions, it also takes into account the aesthetic concept of modern technology, creating an ideal urban living environment that organically combines natural forests with modern space.
1. Creating multiple artistic experience spaces; 2. Reasonable layout of landscape dynamic and static loop lines; 3. Interpretation of social and leisure scenes for all age groups; 4. Creating a rainwater garden in a residential setting; 5. Fully participate in the creation of supporting Lehuo Park; 6. Satisfy the demands for detailed functions and psychological needs.

现代生活美学气质 自然森居体验塑造

Modern life aesthetic temperament natural forest living experience shaping

初 入 | 归家仪式空间  Homecoming ceremony space


The entrance gate expresses a noble effect with modern and simple lines, creating a sense of returning home ceremony, neat and exquisite. The spacious and attractive space also meets the rigid requirements of fire protection and separation of people and vehicles. The lighting faintly reveals the internal landscape of the park, forming a small framed view, allowing for entry into a unique cave.

缓 行 | 前场体验空间  Frontcourt experience space


Entering the interior space, the elk sculpture and the textured water feature come into view. Smooth lines combined with hierarchical green plants create an open and grand site temperament. The combination of black gravel, imitation stone brick, terrazzo and other paving materials highlights the calm and deep sense in the contrast. With the pool water and the rich shrubs and vegetation in the four seasons, the visual experience of rich levels is formed, which leaves a deep impression on the residents at the beginning.

转 场 | 乐悠会客厅  Cozy visitors space


In the leisure meeting space of about 620 square meters, the large streamline landscape corridor and the curved landscape wall are combined to create a semi-enclosed sunshine ecological community outdoor meeting room, elegant, comfortable, quiet and comfortable. Under the limited spatial scale, through the opening and closing of the landscape, the transformation and inheritance of the scene, the characteristics of the site are maximized from the visual and spiritual level, and a more modern artistic and poetic space is created.


Chatting with neighbors in the corridor, listening to the birds singing in the forest, observing the beauty of the four seasons in the secret forest; Walk through the mottled trees, feel the beauty of light and shadow, feel the comfort of life.

休 憩 | 林下书吧  Under the tree book bar


The design of Linxia Book Bar fully considers the aesthetic needs of young customers. The semi-round white desktop with high stool chair is an artistic expression of both natural and humanistic beauty, creating a comprehensive open life aesthetic space integrating art life, leisure and social interaction.


Here, reading books, art sharing, daily communication, the trees are dense and slanting, the sun falls on them, and the ideal life is slowly developed. In this delicate and warm place space, the passion and romance of life home are interpreted.

闲 步 | 后庭纯享空间  Exclusive space in the backyard


The setting sun moves slowly on the ground, the oblique light and shadow depict the secret of time, and the architecture and nature are perfectly integrated here. Walk down the garden path at the end of the day and feel the stillness and tranquility of the space, the relaxation and lightness of the body from the inside out.

探 索 | 户外综合空间 Outdoor comprehensive space

以星际为主题构建约500㎡的全龄儿童乐园 , 塑造独特的儿童游乐IP,选取色彩跳脱活泼的铺装组合,根据儿童不同年龄段需求打造一个充满奇遇与幻想的主题空间。

To build about 500 square meters of all age children's playground with the theme of interstellar, create a unique children's play IP, choose a color jump lively pavement combination, and create a theme space full of adventure and fantasy according to the needs of children of different ages.


The young area is equipped with relatively simple or parent-child interactive activities such as rocking horses, trampolines, swings, cognitive patterns, etc. The older area is equipped with relatively complex and challenging activities such as comprehensive equipment, climbing walls, outdoor Musical Instruments, etc., which can be met by climbing, running and jumping. The parent care area is surrounded by the site under the shelter of the choy, and the parent-child time is warm and loving, and the landscape and function are perfectly combined.

后记 postscript


In the process of design landing, we always pay attention to artistic expression, but also adhere to communication with nature. Awaken people's multi-sensory experience of life with natural poetry, and inject modern art and design elements at the same time, so that residents can have a better dialogue with the site itself, and dialogue with life, and return to inner peace and tranquility.