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广东雅居乐滨江雅苑示范区景观设计 | GND杰地景观

GND杰地景观 2021-05-07
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与林共舞 乐享生活 

Dance with Forests,Enjoy the Life


Agile Riverside Court is adjacent to Huadu District, with convenient traffic and complete living facilities. It is a brand-new masterpiece created by Agile Group in Conghua. Based on its rich experience in developing several landmark projects in the region, Agile upgraded and optimized the project comprehensively, creating a stereoscopic and diversified space. The dynamic water scene is combined with the simplest architecture, presenting a modern, international, advanced, and artistic site to enjoy an aesthetical experience.



Status & Strategies 

城市界面打造 Create an Urban Interface




Status: The interface is blocked by municipal shade trees, and its southern opening is restricted by municipal rails. At the turn stand three residential buildings. Inside the site are high-voltage electric poles, fences, and municipal greening, as well as disorderly and old stores.

How to optimize the surrounding environment and improve clients’ first impressions?

Strategies: The urban interface is 70m wide and has an inwardly-facing space. The space can be divided into several progressive layers and decorated with plant scenery. The combination of glass bricks, wind-driven curtain walls, and flow boards also leads to new discoveries.


△基地现状与设计策略 Base Status and Design Strategies 


△设计手稿 Design Sketches


Immersive Experience


Stop—Stroll—Nurture—Forest Watching—Travel Together


GND Landscape insists on satisfying clients and users’ feelings and experiences. By striving to turn the space into a carrier of experience, it completes the design through experiences.Stop—Stroll—Nurture—Forest Watching—Travel Together. When the shade of trees walks past the white wall, one after another emotional experience occurs here. Enter the gateway, walk through the quiet path, ascend the platform, listen to the sounds of water, appreciate the wind’s rise—these immersive experiences are organically integrated into the Agile Riverside Court through our meticulous arrangements.



驻足 Stop


In the space between the main entrance and the porch, glass tiles, light, and shadows are interwoven, defining the entrance politeness space through boundaries.

△精磨玻璃砖采用200x100x50标准化规格,以纵向不锈钢条穿孔固定,不锈钢封边处理。为了整体比例和光影效果最佳,现场采用了多种规格和不同透明度的砖体组合打样。墙内安装射灯,在夜景中发挥玻璃砖材质的光影魅力。The polished glass bricks have the standard specification of 200x100x5 and are fixed by steel bars that pierce them vertically, with the stainless steel edge banding. To achieve the maximum proportion and light-shadow effect, the designer sampled tiles of different specifications and degrees of transparency. The spotlights installed inside walls emit the shiny charm of glass tiles amid nightly scenery.


Standing here, you can vaguely see twigs wave behind the wall, which extends the space. Ascending the stairs, you will find noises cast behind you and start a dreamlike stroll on the flowery path amid green trees.


△设计细节 Design Details

溯游 Strolling


Walking to the deep end of the flowery path with a dreamy feel, you can find the way zigzag forward. Surrounding it is a scenery wall that extends in an exquisitely designed angle to divide the space, shield noises, and keep tranquility.


The 150-m distance is sufficient for you to relax and anticipate the next surprise. Walking past the lobby’s array, you will see a host of wild interests. Standing in the depth of the flowery path, your feelings change as plants display their distinctive glamor.


When the breeze blows, leaves rustle in the air. Now that nature intends to draw a painting, we, as creators of the space, place a few white walls in the tallow forest to record the waving shade’s dance in the forest.

洗礼 Nurturing 


In a fairytale, a spiritual christening always occurs before the last chapter ends. In front of the chamber porch stands a pebbled-paved water scene, which is the finishing line of the flowery path and the beginning of the water courtyard’s axis. Listening to the echoes of footsteps and bubbling water, you can arrange your clothes, as if about to attend a grand gala and walking into the long-awaited story’s climax.

观林 Watching Forests


Though a seemingly causal glimpse, it resembles a musical note jumping out of the grand score. Walking to the depth, you will find a viewing platform that floats on the mirror-like water scene. There you can watch several Ilex rotunda grow elegantly, watch clouds change invariably in the water, and enjoy the breeze flow past your face. What a comfortable and causal experience!

同游 Strolling Together


Standing in the chamber, you are surrounded by nothing yet embraced by everything. Traveling with the world by your side, you can hear water bubbling (the drain board is hidden in a corner). When a breeze blows, ripples appear and spread into the distance, corresponding to the wave on the wind-driven wall.

△流水板铺装方式考虑到整铺拼接过程中,石材批次、现场施工难以控制,拼接过程中可能出现缝隙较大,衔接瑕疵,故采用错缝拼接,最大完美展现流水板的整体效果。Drainboards are laid with consideration to the following problem: The stones are of different categories, which make it difficult to control on-site construction and may result in wide seals and defects in the connection process. Therefore, the staggered-seal connection is chosen to maximize drainboards’ overall effects.  



It is noteworthy that the wind-driven curtain wall, a perfect combination of technology and art, is modeled on a Song water-and-ink painting. Taking reference from the composition characteristics of Japanese Kano barrier paintings, this composition ensures that the image space is not restricted by boundaries, implying that space is extending forward continuously.

△风动幕墙整体的造型偏向参数化设计,总数超过15000片的金属片,规格统一排列有序。单块金属片采用正六边形电镀不锈钢工艺,水平方向不动,垂直方向前后摆动,单片排列留缝隙,配合风吹流动效果,整体呈现轻盈灵动的视觉效果和听觉享受。The wind-driven curtain wall’s overall modeling is designed based on parameters. In total, more than 15,000 pieces of metal strips are arranged orderly. Each strip is a hexagonal plated stainless steel that stays motionless horizontally yet waves back and forth vertically. Besides, a seal is left between two strips, allowing them to flow with the wind. Overall, these metal strips reflect a flexible, light visual effect and audio experience.


To achieve the optimal effect, designers stayed on the site, cooperating with professional manufacturers and Party A in making samples. Eventually, the anticipated implementation effect was achieved through repeated deliberation of all parties.



Looking Back


When the visitor sits calmly in the sales center and watches the thin mist float outside the window, he can recall his previous experiences and relive the fragments of life that took place decades of years ago. Walking through a winding path is an inevitable part of life. Seeing every trivial surprise is a spice to life. As your eyes move, what you see is a gift from life.

△设计过程 Design Process


The design rearranges and integrates the forms and rhythm of the space. As the sightseeing proceeds, the space rhythm now speeds up, now slows down. The architecture and the landscape court are organically combined to create distinctive scenes as one walks.






项目地点:广东 广州












策划/视效:iDEER LAB


Project Name: Agile Riverside Court

Owner: Agile Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Development team: Shan Xutao, Jin Zhiqiang, Guo Xiaolei, Li Haojian, Huang Zhuohua, Cao Detian

Landscape design: GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Design content: full-cycle landscape design of the exhibition area

Project location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Project area: 7200㎡

Design time: July 2020

Completion time: March 2021

Design period: 6 weeks

Chief designer: Qiu Ge, Ding You

Concept design: Zhang Yena, Huang Yuling, Qiu Liang, Duan Zongyun, Li Dongmin

Garden construction design: Luo Xueli, He Juyi, Liu Yuanting, Zhang Jie, Huang Juan, Li Bo, Xiao Zonglu

Plant Design: Xian Tingting

Hydroelectric design: Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao

Landscape construction: Guangzhou Yayue Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wind chime wall construction: Guangzhou Dunhang Public Art Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Planning/Visual Effects: iDEER LAB

Photography: Riye Photography