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  • 东莞滨海文化区方案设计国际竞赛



Project name: International Competition on Schematic Design of Dongguan Binhai Cultural Area


Project location: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

资格预审申请截止时间:2024 年 1 月 19 日 17:00

Deadline for pre-qualification application: 17:00 on January 19, 2024


1.1 项目背景 Project Background


In response to the national strategy of "building a great culture in China", to promote the demonstration role of high-quality development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, lead the construction of Chinese-style modernization, drive the cultural prosperity and diverse integration of the GBA, boost the development and innovation of the cultural industry in Dongguan City, and showcase its urban characteristics and taste, the Binhaiwan Bay Area is proposed to construct a high-standard Dongguan Binhai Cultural Area (including the Library, the Science and Technology Museum, the Culture Museum, and Art Center), build a new urban culture landmark of Dongguan City, and jointly create a new center of coastal cultural vitality in the Bay Area in combination with the integrated development of the adjacent areas.


Located in the inner bay area of the Pearl River Estuary in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, in the southwest of Dongguan City, and adjacent to Qianhai in Shenzhen and Nansha in Guangzhou, the Binhaiwan Bay Area serves as a strategic highland for Dongguan to connect the resources in the Bay Area.


Seated at the southern end of the Shajiao Peninsula in Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area and at the intersection of the urban central axis of Binhaiwan Bay Area and the Golden Coast, the Binhai Cultural Area faces the Lingdingyang Estuary on the due south in a peninsula shape.


Figure 1-Diagram of project location


Figure 2-Aerial photograph of the site

1.2 项目范围 Project Scope 

本次国际竞赛设计范围包括城市设计研究范围与建筑方案设计范围。其中,城市设计研究范围位于滨海湾大道以南的半岛地区,面积约 97.97 公顷;建筑方案设计范围位于片区最南端的滨海文化区,面积约 17.65 公顷。

The design scope of the International Competition includes the urban design research scope and the architectural scheme design scope. Among them, the urban design research scope covers 97.97 hectares, located at the peninsula area in the south of Binhaiwan Avenue; the architectural scheme design scope covers 17.65 hectares, located in the Binhai Cultural Area, the southmost end of the Area.


Figure 3-Diagram of design scope

1.3 工作内容  Work Content


The design aims to build a Binhai Vitality Area that is "based in Dongguan, leading the Bay Area, looking at the world, and facing towards the future", coordinate planning and design through a futuristic and international perspective, and create a new highland for cultural integration and innovation in the GBA, a new parlor showcasing the urban temperament and quality of Dongguan, and a new landscape inspiring future cultural and artistic life. The work content includes two parts, namely urban design research and architectural scheme design:


Based on the development positioning and objectives, and combined with the existing planning research results, a design development should be carried out to propose the conceptual urban design scheme within the scope of urban design research that is coordinated with and matched the Binhai Cultural Area, clarify the overall objectives and vision of the Area, put forward design concept that matches the development positioning, optimize the functional layout and traffic organization within the area, unfold the design research on the spatial form and public space, and raise implementation plans of each functional group in the area and relevant recommendations for urban operation. Among them, it is necessary to focus on studying the spatial scheme of the terminal commercial district to ensure the coordination with the spatial form and public space of the Binhai Cultural Area.


The construction of the Library, the Science and Technology Museum, the Cultural Museum, the Art Center and the Golden Coast (long vibrant corridor with coastal landscape), as well as supporting commercial facilities and public parking space are planned, with a total construction area of about 115,000-160,000 square meters. The design should consider the integration of public buildings and coastal landscape to ensure the continuity of the Golden Coast, so as to create fun and rich spatial experience.


See the Design Brief for the specific requirements.


(1) 报名单位须是国内外合法注册的独立法人企业或机构,可提供有效的营业执照或商业登记证明。

The participant should be independent legal person enterprises or institutions legally registered at home and abroad with valid business licenses or business registration certificates. 

(2) 鼓励参赛团队由熟悉中国国情,具有丰富经验的建筑设计、城市设计、运营策划、生态景观等多专业人员构成。

It encourages that the participating team should consist of professional personnel from multiple specialties who are familiar with China's national conditions and have rich experience in architectural design, urban design, operation planning and ecological landscape.

(3) 允许联合体报名,联合体成员(含牵头单位)数量不超过 3 家;联合体各方不得再单独以自己名义,或者与另外的单位组成联合体参加本次竞赛活动。

Consortiums with no more than 3 members (including leading member) are allowed to apply; All consortium parties must not participate in the competition event in their own names separately or form a consortium with other agencies.

(4) 单位法人为同一人或者存在控股、管理关系的不同单位,不得同时报名。

The person in charge of the company is the same person or different agencies with shareholding or management relationship must not apply at the same time.

(5) 业绩要求:报名的单位(含联合体)近 20 年(2003 年 12 月 1 日至今,以签订合同时间为准)需具有大型公共文化建筑(科技、文化或艺术类、剧院类场馆)设计经验。

Achievement requirements: The participant (including the consortium) shall have design experience in large-scale public cultural architectures (such as scientific and technological, cultural or art venues, or theaters) in the past 20 years (from December 1, 2003 to present, subject to contract signing time).

☆ 具体报名要求以竞赛规则文件为准。

☆ See the Competition Rules for the specific application requirements. 


本次竞赛分为 “报名及资格预审”、“方案设计及评审”、“确定优胜方案”三个工作阶段。

This competition is divided into three phases: Application and pre-qualification, Schematic design and review, and Determination of the winning scheme.


Stage I: Application and pre-qualification

报名单位按竞赛规则要求提交资格预审申请文件。主办单位依法组建资格预审评审委员会,对申请单位的行业声誉、设计经验、项目业绩、获奖情况、拟投入项目的团队、概念提案等内容进行综合评审,采用记名投票法(逐轮淘汰)评选出 5 家入围参赛单位,同时评选出 2 家备选单位(有排序),备选单位在入围参赛单位退出时依序替补。

The participants submit the application documents according to the Competition Rules. The Host sets up a pre-qualification review jury in accordance with the law. The jury will conduct a comprehensive review on the industry reputation, design experience, project achievements, awards, teams to be involved in the Project and conceptual proposals of the participants. The pre-qualification review jury will adopt the open ballot method (knockout in rounds) to select 5 shortlisted participants from all qualified participants and 2 alternatives (ranked), which will replace in order if any shortlisted participant withdraws.


Stage II: Schematic design and review

5 家入围参赛单位按照竞赛设计任务书要求提交设计成果文件(暗标形式)。主办单位依法组建方案评审委员会,采用记名投票法(逐轮淘汰)评选出不排序的前三名方案进入“第三阶段-确定优胜方案”。

Shortlisted participants should submit qualified deliverables (sealed bidding) according to the Design Brief. The Host sets up the scheme review jury in accordance with the law. The jury will select the top 3 schemes without ranking via the open ballot method (knockout in rounds) will enter “Stage III: Determination of the winning scheme”. 


Stage III: Determination of the winning scheme


On the basis of fully respecting the professional review results of the review jurors, the Host and government authorities will determine the first-place winning scheme. 


After the Project is reviewed and approved by the government authorities, the Host will prioritize the negotiation with the first-place scheme winner to sign a design development contract.



☆ 所有时间均以北京时间为准,主办单位保留调整日程安排的权利,如出现日程调整的情况,主办单位将通过邮件的形式,通知入围参赛单位。

☆ All time is subject to Beijing time. The Host reserves the right to adjust the agenda. In case of an agenda adjustment, the Host will notify shortlisted participants by e-mail.



The 1st place winner: A bonus of 4.2 million yuan; 


The 2nd/3rd place winner: A bonus of 1.8 million yuan respectively;


The 4th/5th place winner: A bonus of 1.5 million yuan respectively.


☆The competition bonus shall be paid in CNY as a tax-included amount. Any taxes arising therefrom shall be at the payee's expense.



Download link of the Competition Rules and Design Brief: 


2.申请单位需于 2024 年 1 月 19 日 17:00 前登录以下网址或扫描二维码登记报名信息,请准确填写报名信息(内容须与提交的资格预审申请文件一致):

The participants need to log in to the following website or scan the QR code before 17:00 on January 19, 2024, log in and register the application information, and fill in the application information accurately (the content must be consistent with the submitted application documents):




The competition announcement and relevant modifications and supplements to this announcement will be released on the following websites/WeChat official accounts:

(1) 公告网站 Announcement websites:


Website of Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area Administrative Committee : 



Website of Shenzhen Center for Design : 


(2) 微信公众号WeChat official accounts:



1.资格预审申请文件需于 2024 年 1 月 19 日 17:00 前递交(可快递)至:深圳市龙华区民治街道民强社区华侨新村 41 栋华洋大厦 331,收件人:伍小姐 +86-136 9986 2505(仅负责收件)。

Pre-qualification application documents need to be submitted before 17:00 on January 19, 2024 (courier may be used) to: 331 Huayang Building, Huaqiao New Village NO.41, Minqiang Community, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, contact person Ms. Wu +86-136 9986 2505(responsible for deliverables receiving only).

2. 以指定地点现场收到的纸质文件为准,不接受逾期提交的申请文件。

The hard copy documents received on-site at the designated location shall prevail, and no overdue submitted application documents shall be accepted. 



Host: Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area Administrative Committee


Undertaker: Chief Designers Studio of Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area


Technical support:Guangdong Urban-Rural Planning and Design Research Institute Technology Group Co., Ltd, China Academy of Urban Planning & Design


Competition consultation service: Shenzhen Ehow R&D Center



Contact person:Daisy

电话:+86-185 6678 2232(北京时间周一至周五 9:00—18:00)

Contact phone number: +86 18566782232 (Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 Beijing time)

邮箱: competition@ehow.net.cn

E-mail: competition@ehow.net.cn


☆The Host reserves the ultimate right to interpret the rules of this Competition. If the Chinese and English editions disagree, the Chinese edition shall prevail.